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Project workpackages

Project and all our activities are structured in 4 main workpackages or results which we developed:

OVERALL OBJECTIVE of the project is to increase know-how of entrepreneurs (current and future), to become more resilient to climate change with the competence to create new business models aiming at positive environmental impact. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE of the project is to create a modern up-to-date knowledge base and digital learning material for education that would enhance entrepreneurial thinking and action towards environmental consciousness and sustainability taking into consideration climate change. That why we organised training activities, developed different teaching and support materials for sustainable entrepreneurship, which are structured in 4 main results:

Partnership aimed to create the most up-to-date training material for students and entrepreneurs and in order to be able to do that there was a need to conduct a thorough research on existing sustainable business practices. Research was done by experts from all 3 partner Universities and was implemented in autumn 2022 and beginning of 2023. This research explored different concepts and terms of sustainability, gathered information about different tools and methods in creating sustainable business models. In the report partners also included results from interviews with 23 companies from 3 partner countries showing best practices in sustainable business.  

Research was led by Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Aachen UAS is first of all known for its leading business education in the country.

Outcomes of applied research are published in the REPORT which can be interesting and useful material for learners, entrepreneurs, policy makers and decision makers. 


In context of climate change there is a real need for the businesses to think and act greener which will result in having a huge impact at the societal level. For this the major task is to educate and train the entrepreneurs and the decision makers on sustainable entrepreneurship for climate action. The need is to bring the change in the minds of young entrepreneurs and come forward with transformed business thinking to bring a change in the operations and strategy for the sake of sustainability for climate action. Dealing with the transformation of thinking, operations and market strategy can be very challenging and costly too, the businesses can give up on the idea of change because the new demands. 

Partnership aimed to develop a digital HANDBOOK, or as we call it SECA GUIDE for entrepreneurs which guides them to bring up the changes in the way of thinking, hopefully resulting in growing number of green businesses, sustainable companies, advocates of circular economy and most importantly: activists for climate change action. Additionally we will trained teachers and piloted digital handbook in frame of intensive course for students. Explore the Handbook HERE!

The aim of creating a digital handbook on sustainable entrepreneurial action to SMEs and higher education institutions is to provide them with applicable, generally accessible and practical knowledge, therefore in order to support the training of our users, we have developed digital resources for learning/teaching/training. Those are a set of education videos. 

There is a lack of educational video in the context of the sustainable entrepreneurship. There is variety of videos in general, but almost not available such professional educational videos, that are created from the learning and educational point of view.

Each chapter of the Handbook is supported by a video, which summarizes and illustrates the content. 

Check out videos in VIDEO SECTION or in our YOUTUBE ACCOUNT.


This webpage serves as platform for information, tools and materials on sustainable entrepreneurship. The purpose of creating a digital learning platform is to have a place to share the project’s objectives and deliverables as well as to present the outputs and promote sustainable entrepreneurship in a guided manner. The platform is the main source of the results and findings of the project, which is designed to be easy to navigate and understand. 

It is important to learn and understand principles of sustainable entrepreneurship and this platform serves as a source of learning – it contains entire digital education material collection and relevant links, provides step-by-step learning approach. 

Here you will find information about sustainable entrepreneurship, digital handbook, video materials, different articles and resources about related topic. You are also welcome to interact with us and comment and involve in the discussions in the news section. Follow and interact with us also in Facebook page. You can find learning materials in 3 national languages – Latvian, German and Finnish.