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Sustainable entrepreneurship

Almost everyone has heard the term “sustainability”. But do we really know what this means? Do we understand what sustainable entrepreneurships means? Or what are sustainable business models and how to run my company in sustainable way?

Here you can find some definitions and explanations which will help you to explore the topic of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Sustainable business means – managing risks and processes with the aim of achieving the long-term survival of the company, while taking care of the environment and society

Source: Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility ( 

Sustainable entrepreneurship combines several approaches which help in solving environmental problems:

  • Technological development
  • Sustainable solutions promoting legal base
  • Good communication and travel infrastructure
  • Change of lifestyle.
Green manufacturing – renewal of production processes and the establishment of environmentally-friendly operations within the manufacturing field.
“Eco-friendly” product is the product that is not harmful to the environment. Main benefits to use eco-friendly products are health and well-being of the Earth and of course – well-being of your family.