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Multiplying seminar: Sustainable entrepreneurship – practices and tools for building a sustainable business

On 30 November, 2023, final multiplying dissemination event took place in Rovaniemi, Finland. The aim of the seminar was to multiply the awareness regarding the SECA digital handbook and practical tools provided in the guide among entrepreneurs and regional authorities.

The seminar was initiating discussions on the significance of green transition and sustainability for Lapland-based companies in Finland. Hanna-Leena Pesonen from Lapinliitto explored into Lapland’s Green Deal programme and how it will affect the companies, while Nelly Korteniemi, from Lapland UAS, provided insights from entrepreneurs’ perspectives regarding the new upcoming requirements for sustainability reporting.

Following this, the focus shifted towards strategies for enhancing a company’s sustainability, exploring various tools and methods introduced in the handbook. The seminar continued with practical sessions on testing sustainability methods, covering topics like circular economy business models, lean management, problem-solution trees for innovative sustainable business ideas, design thinking, and sustainability communication.

These sessions, conducted both online and on-site, aimed to equip participants with actionable strategies to foster sustainable business practices within their companies.

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