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SECA guide is finalised in official publication and teaching materials in 4 languages

Welcome to final official publication of SECA Guide, the digital handbook on innovating sustainable start-ups and businesses for climate action! This guide empowers educators, students, entrepreneurs, and businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to create and develop sustainable business ideas and models. Free PDF publication can be downloaded on Lapland University of Applied Sciences webpage and also available on project webpage in 4 languages – English, German, Finnish and Latvian.

SECA guide is also available in all 4 languages as teaching material, where you can explore sustainable entrepreneurship concept, discover different practical methods, watch explanatory supporting videos and do practical exercises using Workbooks.

You are welcome to explore the materials, if you are teacher – you can use them in our class with your students. If you have ideas for improvements, please give us your feedback by filling in feedback form.

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