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Survey about sustainable entrepreneurship

224 students and teachers from 3 partner Universities from Latvia, Finland and Germany took part in the survey about sustainable entrepreneurship.

Results shows the tendency that students and teachers in general have some information about sustainability, but then it comes to more deeper knowledge, the number are decreasing.

Main reasons why entrepreneurs are not becoming more sustainable in participants opinion are: Lack of knowledge – 62%, lack of motivation – 59%, lack of resources – 54.5%.

People in general are interested in sustainability topic. Almost everyone have heard something about sustainability. But when it comes to deeper knowledge – we see that not many understand what sustainable business models really mean.

Students as well as lecturers strongly agree that Universities should teach more about sustainability! 71% says YES to more knowledge about sustainability in our programs.

94% agree that entrepreneurship should be sustainable! Great job done by creating awareness – now it is time to teach more practical solutions and actions. To teach how! Simple and practical!



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