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Partners meet in Rovaniemi

On the beginning of 2022 Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Finland in cooperation with Turība University in Latvia and the Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Germany, has launched the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project in the field of sustainable business to contribute to climate change mitigation.

Partners met on the end of February in Rovaniemi, Finland where the meeting was ghosted by Lapland University of Applied Sciences. This was first step to sign cooperation agreements among all 3 partners who now will work on development of practical tools and teaching methods on sustainable business management. 

At the General Assembly, Member States approved 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as early as 2015, but when asked what entrepreneurs are actually doing to achieve them, we are faced with uncertainty. As a result, the project will develop a range of materials and support tools for entrepreneurs and educators in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship, as well as materials such as a digital handbook, an informative video and a sustainable business platform.

The cooperation agreement on the implementation of the ERASMUS + project “Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Climate Action” was signed in March 2022 and will be implemented by January 2024.

Agreement on 1st of March was signed by all 3 project partner Universities – 2022 Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Turiba University and Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

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