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Video recording from the seminar “Sustainable society and business” in Riga

On April 19th in Riga Turiba University hosted seminar which was devoted to the topic of sustainable business.

During the event participants had chance to learn more about survey and research on sustainable business to listen presentations from several experienced sustainability experts from Latvian, Germany and Finland. The event was attended also by entrepreneurs who shared their stories about sustainability and social corporative responsibility.

The lecturers presented various topics – sustainable development, circular economy in real operation, green procurement, the role of technology in ensuring sustainability and others.

“In this seminar we learned many interesting sustainability examples and approaches. From the presentations of experts any of us could get inspiration to introduce new and more sustainable approaches in our daily work. I am happy that there are entrepreneurs in Latvia who really think about sustainability in their business, plan and implement sustainable work methods. At the seminar representatives of Maxima Latvija and the International College of Cosmetology shared their experience, inspired other entrepreneurs with their success stories”, tells Ieva Bruksle, lecturer of Turiba University and moderator of this event.

All videos and presentations of the event are available HERE.

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