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How to organise sustainable conference or event – tips created by the students

Sustainability is a mindset! Frequently, the initial steps towards transforming your business into a sustainable company do not demand substantial investments or cutting-edge technologies. In many cases, what is needed is a fresh perspective and new sustainable thinking, conducting audits of your everyday processes, assessing your actions, and subsequently commencing the necessary transformations.

In spring semester 2023 Turiba University Events’ management programme students worked on development of sustainable projects in frame of “Project management” course. As one of the results was 2 poster explaining and giving simple tips how to organise sustainable conference event or business meeting with your partners. Those are simple advices how to start transformations towards more sustainable business and sustainable mindset in your company or organisation.

As a result, two posters were created and are currently exhibited in the Events Management laboratory at Turiba University. Furthermore, this initiative has brought about positive changes in event organization throughout the University. In our event planning, we strive to adhere to these principles and tips.

“If current population and consumption trends continue to grow, by 2030 we will need 2 planet Earths to meet our needs. Of course we only have one” says Global Foot Network.  So, we all have to start with ourselves, with our companies and businesses and to first simple steps towards sustainable mind-set.

You are welcome to use posters in your company or organisation and encourage your teams to organise sustainable events!

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